Qharus, Lands of Lore

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GM's Log
Roll to Live, Live to Role

This is the First of hopefully many entries for the World of Qharus. I believe that a central setting for the story events of this campaign, small and large details included, will help to greatly reinforce the structure and enjoyment of my fantasy campaign. After a hiatus from gaming caused by new scheduling and far too many small neo-crises in real life, I’ve become inspired to once again run a game of high adventure, festive interaction, and deadly danger. Gaming is a social medium, filled with improvisation, dream-weaving, and solo and shared triumphs. In a world suddenly filled with MMO’s, which are undeniably entertaining, I find that Face-to-Face Tabletop Gaming still retains a unique spot in the realm of hobbies. While CGI and brilliant visuals in an MMO may bring some pieces of your imagination to life, a good Tabletop Campaign becomes a work of …Evolving Imagination, a Shared Nexus of Aspirations, Fantasies, Unencumbered Wishes, and even Aggressive desires, all played out with a cast of….oh a half dozen or so. Tabletop Gaming is Community Theatre….on a truly shoestring budget. In the World of Qharus, Land of Lore; be all that you can be….and more. With these words I bid you welcome to …The Game.


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