Hello. Welcome to my Fantasy Tabletop RPG D20 campaign! … also known simply as the

“Qharus, Land of Lore” Campaign

Although you will find many traditional RPG references, the creative content of Qharus is strictly of my own minds imagination. You won’t find anything so alien to your gaming senses that it will be unplayable, I simply wanted to set things straight at the beginning that is isn’t Greyhawk, or Eberron, or the Forgotten Realms. This isn’t even Sparta.

cue dramatic background music -- THIS … IS …. QHARUS !

Okay, I’m done chuckling now :) So go ahead and Sign in or Register with obsidianportal if you haven’t done so already, Its free, non-invasive, and easy to do.

Then take a look around at some of the features and information available. CLICK here, to take a look at the campaign wiki.

There you will be able to find more info about some of the mythos behind the campaign, and also get some hard facts about playing IN the campaign , also known as the game mechanics, and maybe you will get a little flavor of some of the worldspace and its denizens.

If you aren’t here looking at the campaign by invitation, and you would like to possibly join up with our group, then drop me an email. My email address is posted further inside the website to :

A: Encourage you to read a bit more and get hooked on playing

B: To fool all those pesky spambots, so I don’t wind up with tons of junk email.


Qharus, Lands of Lore

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