Fallow Lands

A large mostly untamed area along the western steppes of the continent Norlere, home to many Barbarian Clans, bordered by the Dwarven Kinhold of Alpheos to the north (and south, and underneath), the brutish Orcish breedland of Loxious to the west, and several vassal nations of the Thyssen Hegemony to the east.

At last reckoning, there were 32 established barbarian tribes inhabiting the Fallow Lands; although the semi-nomadic nature of some of the clans tends to make a true accounting difficult. There is no central leader among the Barbarian tribe Clans, although several of the larger Clans Leaders will convene during times of extreme crisis to attempt to hammer out some form of agreed pact of cooperation.

Currently known Clans among the Barbarian Tribes include:

  • Clan Geyser Rock
  • Clan Crag-Walker
  • Clan Rivertree
  • Clan Hill-Strider
  • Clan Stone-Breaker
  • Clan Blue Rift
  • Clan Wind-Rider
  • Clan Bearclaw
  • Clan Winterwind
  • Clan Frostvale
  • Clan Jagged Peak
  • Clan Shield-Crusher
  • Clan Lightbringer
  • Clan Boulder Creek
  • Clan Moon Harvest
  • Clan Tree Killer
  • Clan Dark Bog
  • Clan Crimson Blade
  • Clan Blood Moons
  • Clan Water-Dancer
  • Clan Ice-Shadow
  • Clan Tall Trees
  • Clan Red Water
  • Clan Deep Rock
  • Clan Sky-Watcher
  • Clan White Rift
  • Clan Bloody Fang
  • Clan Capstone Creek
  • Clan Blossom Vale
  • Clan Quick-Blade
  • Clan Death Rain
  • Clan Moon Peak
  • Clan Greystone

Fallow Lands

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