a Furylord is a rank designation of the military of the Thyssen nation and its vassal nations of the Thyssen Hegemony.

Traditionally a Furylord is a general that commands other generals in one or more military campaigns under the auspices of the current Crownbearer(s) of the Jade Crown of Thyssen. The distinction of a Furylord over a traditional military General is the premise that a Furylord is a Leader by example, in tactics and combat. Furylords will be at the forefront of any major field battle, using scrystones to communicate with the other generals under their command to give any orders on troop deployment based on first hand knowledge of the battlefield conditions.

Most Furylords are of elven birthright, although there have been several notable half-elven commanders to earn the title as well. A Furylord may be either male or female.

Furylords are usually in direct command of at least 60,000 troops with the most epic tales of Furylord Xantha Windsong, who led a force of over 300,000 troops into the bloody battle of Halbridge Talon, finally emerging victorious after a seventeen day advance on the evil forces of the Dark God, Meric the Mad.


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